“Honey I’m home”

Fresh off his day in court, and it appears as if the MMA world is back in full Conor McGregor swing.

With a rumored title fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov all but locked for November, Conor is back to social media, hinting repeatedly that he’s ready to return to Combat.

In his latest tweet, McGregor used the “Honey I’m Home” line to drive his point further.

Adding to the McGregor mystery, Conor’s Ireland based attorney recently hit delete on a tweet that confirmed the date and city of McGregor’s next fight as Las Vegas in November. The attorney confirmed that the fight was locked in, and boasted his plane tickets for the fight with an image of his itinerary.

Though he deleted the tweet, the internet grabbed it before he got the chance to keep the bout hushed.

Check it:


Stay tuned. An announcement was expected as early as last night.