McGregor Rival Paulie Malignaggi Issues Dark Prediction For Upcoming Khabib Fight

Pauli Malignaggi

More than a year has passed since Conor McGregor reportedly beat up and discarded boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi in the lead up to his fight against Floyd Mayweather, and Paulie is still holding onto grudges.

In a new interview with SiriusXM Boxing, Malignaggi issued a pretty unfair prediction for his rival.

Check it out:

“I feel bad. I hurt his pride, I hurt him as a man. Sure, he gets his feelings up and his hopes up when all his p-ssy fans get his back on social media and believe his four seconds of highlights, that gets his hopes up.”

“He needs a pick-me-up so he’ll post a Tweet every once in a while about me just to give himself a little pick-me-up just so his fans can tell him, ‘Yeah, Conor! You’re the man!’ But when he lays his head on the bed deep at night, he knows he’s one of combat sports’ biggest p-ssies and that’s the problem. He knows who he is inside.”

“Now, Khabib is not a guy that’s known as a submission guy. Now, I’m not a mixed martial arts expert, but Khabib is more of a ground-and-pound guy, which means you don’t have the option to be submitted really because Khabib will just keep you on the ground and punish you and beat you and beat you and beat you.”

“Now, granted, Conor has some skills standing up a little bit and maybe Khabib will have a hard time getting it to the ground, but if the fight ends up on the ground, it’s only a beating for Conor. So how is a guy with no balls gonna take a good beating for five rounds when he looks to quit as soon as he gets uncomfortable? That’s the question of the day really.”

“The fact is he’s gonna look for a way out of that fight too. Look at round five of the Diaz rematch, he’s literally running for his life. Who does that? With the fight hanging in the balance, who runs for the entire final round? He was given the decision in a close decision that could have went either way but who takes that chance though?”

“These are all character flaws of a man with no balls. When you’re a fighter you can tell right away who has character and who doesn’t. The guy has none so he tries to play it up in other ways so he covers up the fact that he has no balls.”

Conor McGregor faces Khabib Nurmagomedov for the UFC lightweight championship of the world on October 6, in the UFC 229 main event.