‘that time Khabib took on five men and lived’

Undefeated UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is often commended for his seemingly impeccable cardio and endurance. Now former UFC fighter turned Bellator heavyweight Chael Sonnen has come forward with a story concerning the matter.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, as seen within the video below, Chael Sonnen revealed that he was relayed a story from his coach. The fighter claimed that his coach watched the Dagestan native perform in a private training session.

For the training session, Nurmagomedov trained his grappling against five different opponents. Each opponent took a turn facing “The Eagle.”

After 90 minutes of training, Nurmagomedov was left standing on the mat with all five of his training partners left exhausted on the floor. Check out Chael Sonnen’s full telling of the experience within the video down below.

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