Westboro Baptist Church Targets Joe Rogan, Stages Protest At Comedy Show

Joe Rogan is a veteran color-commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). That being said, Rogan has an even deeper background in stand-up comedy.

Rogan will be at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City on Friday, Aug. 10, to perform. However, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church has decided to stage a protest at the event.

The Westboro Baptist Church is a group largely known for the protests. While non-violent, the protests often include inflammatory hate speech against the LGBTQ community. This time around, the Westboro Baptist Church is accusing Joe Rogan of being an “adamant atheist” that has the “wrath of go abiding on him.”

Taking to Instagram, Joe Rogan has decided to share his thoughts on the situation. Check it out below.

“Kansas City! Im getting protested at my show this Friday by the Westboro Baptist Church! SO EXCITING! The only thing I took objection to was that they said I’m an atheist. I have no idea if there’s a higher power, but I would have to assume if there is one he’s definitely not happy that these hateful twats are running around pretending that they speak for him/her.

“I honestly feel bad for them. All humans are on a path that’s largely determined by many factors outside their control, and these poor f*cks have found themselves in a sad state where they seek out attention by showing up places with ‘god hates f*gs’ signs. I had Megan Phelps on my podcast a while back, and she left the church. Her eyes were opened to how f**ked up her beliefs were from talking to people on twitter of all places. It’s a fascinating conversation if you’re interested.

“Because of Megan, I choose to think of all these people as individuals that could be free with the right mindset and the right circle of friends and loved ones – free from foolish, constricting hate that occupies all your thoughts and steals your love and joy.
If there is a god, he/she loves them, and wishes they would get their shit together like Megan has.”

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For more MMA news click here.