68 Year-Old Takes On 24 Year-Old In Actual MMA Bout — WATCH!

The sport of mixed martial arts, as it turns out, is still completely full of surprises. For example, a 68-year-old mixed martial artist is now taking the internet by storm.

At 68-years-old, Ann Perez de Tejada faced off against Laura Dettman back at Sparta Combat League 48. Dettman was 44 years younger than de Tejada. Over Facebook, de Tejada revealed that she certainly entered the cage with plenty of experience.

“5 yrs training Muy Thai/MMA; blue belt in jiu jitsu from Karate America, Tim Wolchek; 3rd degree black belt, Kenpo Karate under Mark Baier at America’s Best Martial Arts. Currently training at Grudge Training Center, as well as 303 Training Center, and 10th Planet Boulder…”

Check out the fight result within the video provided above.

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