After Losing Olympic Gold Medal, Henry Cejudo Just Lost His UFC Belt

Henry Cejudo is an Olympic gold medalist wrestler. While the Olympian previously lost his gold medal to a fire, it would appear that the world-class athlete has now lost his UFC flyweight title to airport luggage.

Late 2017, Henry Cejudo was in a hotel room asleep when a California fire began to overtake the building. Forced to abandon his nearby possessions and leap out of a second story balcony, Cejudo suffered a burn to his foot and lost many of his personal belongings. Among them, the Olympian lost his gold medal.

Flashing forward to UFC 227 earlier this year, Henry Cejudo shocked the world by defeating longtime record breaking UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson for his title. As reported by MMA Junkie, Cejudo has since lost his UFC belt.

Having taken a trip to Russia, Cejudo reportedly lost his luggage from the flight. “Unfortunately, my belt is in my luggage,” Cejudo said. “So now, on top of my gold medal, now it’s my belt. I don’t know what it is about gold. I can’t keep it.”

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