Angela Magana Completely Roasts Donald Trump For Hurricane Maria Denial

Former UFC fighter Angela Magana refused to leave her Puerto Rico home ahead of Hurricane Maria. Rather, the mixed martial artist weathered the storm.

George Washington University has estimated the death toll from the natural disaster to be 2,975. Pres. Donald Trump, however, has since denied the university’s estimate, calling the numbers inflated.

Taking to Twitter, Angela Magana has since come forward with a few words for the U.S. President. Check it out below.

“This is the real story. Homelessness, houses still in shambles. Behind every pile of rubble is human suffering. FEMA was told not help us…ever. This is corruption. We are still dying no one is helping La Perla, Loiza or Naguabo, Puerto Rico. Tell me why @ricardorossello”

“@realDonaldTrump Here we are, a year later, and people are still dying because of the storm and the broken systematic governmental incompetence so perfectly exemplified by Trump himself.

“@ricardorossello This is La Perla right now. We are left to die”

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