Anthony “Rumble” Johnson Goes Viral Following Photo With Massive Amount Of Marijuana

Former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Anthony “Rumble” Johnson retired from the sport of mixed martial arts following his most recent loss to reigning champion Daniel Cormier. Since then, the former title challenger has been pursuing other ventures.

Specifically, “Rumble” Johnson has begun working within the cannabis trade. Taking to Instagram, Johnson has now offered a series of photos from his new business showing off some of his products.

Among them, a photo of the former UFC fighter holding multiple bags of marijuana has since gone viral and is making its way across many mixed martial arts internet forums and social media sites.

Make sure to swipe within the Instagram post below to see all the images.

“’Picking the best bouquet for a special someone isn’t always difficult’ With my partner’s @competitivebody @shownolove_mma
We’re loving how thing’s are taking place in this business…
Some product’s are medicinal and some recreational… California making moves and connecting with the right people Support the movement #CompetitiveBodyDevelopment #recreational #medicinal #health”

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