Bad Referee Tries To Get Finished Fighter To Wake Up And Fight On

The promotion German MMA Championship (GMC) hosted an interesting event on Saturday, Sept. 1. However, one of the night’s match ups is now getting attention from fight fans for all the wrong reasons.

GMC 16 went down on Saturday, featuring a series of match ups. Among them, bantamweights Said Eidi and Khurshed Kakhorov went toe-to-toe in a battle for division supremacy.

Kakhorov eventually had his opponent in a choke from the dominant position on the canvas. Eidi stopped intelligently defending himself from the submission attempt and seemingly became still.

Rather than calling a stop to the contest, the referee momentarily halted the action to allow Kakhorov the chance the posture up before continuing the fight.

Kakhorov immediately began pummeling his opponent with vicious ground and pound that ultimately earned him a TKO victory. Check out a replay of the controversial moment from the referee within the video provided above.

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