Colby Covington Reveals Intimate Details That Could ‘Ruin Tyron Woodley’s Career’

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has yet to officially announce a title fight between reigning UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington. That being said, it would appear that Covington is already promoting the potential match up.

Speaking in a recent interview, as reported by Bloody Elbow, Colby Covington compared himself to U.S. President Donald Trump and Tyron Woodley to former candidate Hillary Clinton.

“It’s been built. The hooks are in. The world needs to know the way the event needs to be marketed. He’s a soft ass little liberal snowflake. I’m a f**king bad ass mother f**king Republican. He’s like Hillary Clinton in a way. He’s crooked. That’s why we call him two-faced Tyrone. You can’t trust anything he says. I’m more like Trump. I’m grabbing all these p-ssies, and I’m putting them in their place.”

“There’s some things. I got some ace of spades in my back pocket. If that dude, if he slips up with anything, he’s… I got real dirt on him. I know some real sh-t. Some real storylines that would ruin his career, and ruin his life, really.”

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