Daniel Cormier Agrees That Jon’s Latest Diss Is A Good One, Gives Him Props

Two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier and former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones have been in a heated rivalry for some time now. Well, both fighters have decided to fire up the trash-talk once again.

Jon Jones fired things up by claiming that he wants to take both titles from D.C. Cormier quickly responded over social media with a livid message.

“Big goals for a guy that could only achieve them after he finishes getting disciplined for his 3rd drug failure! I mean jeez this guy #Cheater”

Taking to the social media platform, Jon Jones later offered a reaction of his own.

“Must be the roids.”

Now D.C. has come forward with a surprising response. Check it out below.

“Ok, that’s actually a good one with yo bitch ass! But you actually were on steroids the little white chick might not be , but you were n***a lmao”

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