Darren Till’s Nutritionist Breaks Down How Easy It Actually Is For Him To Make Weight

UFC welterweight Darren Till missed weight for his match up against Stephen Thompson within his hometown of Liverpool earlier this year. That being said, the fighter remarked how easily he made weight for his recent title fight against reigning champion Tyron Woodley.

Speaking on the Eurobash podcast, Till’s nutrionist Eoghan Gallagher has come forward to reveal what made the fighter’s latest weight cut so easy.

“[The weight cut] did go extremely well in the end. I was very confident [he would make weight] and I think he can make 170 with ease for years to come, it’s just all about what his preference is moving forward.”

“Ideally, what I’d like to do moving forward is spend six to eight weeks with him in Liverpool in a much longer camp than this one, obviously this was a short-notice fight. I’d look to get the weight down earlier, get him a bit slimmer — a little bit less aggressive than I had to do it this time. I’d get the weight down slowly, making the cut in the end extremely easy.”

“This cut was super easy. The actual water cut itself did not take a significant amount of time. When he jumped on the scales and we saw 170, his teammate Mike Grundy and I were there, we were all together and it was a really emotional moment for us.

“We just hugged it out and we were like, ‘Wow’. Absolutely, Darren can make 170 with ease with the systems that we have in place.”

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