Details: Jon Jones Was Still Using Cocaine Through Testing Failures And Placed Secretly Into Drug Rehab

Back at UFC 183, Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites. At UFC 200, the former UFC light heavyweight champion tested positive for clomiphene and was issued a year-long suspension from the sport.

At UFC 214, Jon Jones failed a drug test for Turinabol. This time around, Jones was issued a 15-month suspension from the octagon.

While Jones will once again be eligible to compete in Oct. 2018, it would appear that the former title holder is still allegedly dealing with substance abuse problems. Bloody Elbow’s Iain Kidd has come forward to report that Jon Jones was recently checked into a month long rehabilitation center for drug use, as the fighter has been allegedly using cocaine since before and after his latest drug test failure.

“Something else interesting from the arbitration award: Jon Jones was still using cocaine both before and after testing positive for Turinabol, per the arbitration award. Was checked into a month long rehab later.”

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