Free Agent Sage Northcutt Aware That Bellator Is Giving UFC Fighters Pay Raises

UFC welterweight Sage Northcutt is on a three fight winning streak inside the octagon. Still, the talented mixed martial artist recently revealed that he intends to try out free agency.

Sage Northcutt earned a stunning knockout victory in his latest octagon performance. The fight also made for the final portion of Northcutt’s contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Appearing on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Northcutt revealed that he intends to test out free agency rather than immediately re-sign with the UFC. The fighter then claimed that his friends and UFC veterans Lyoto Machida and Rory MacDonald are potentially making triple their UFC pay with Bellator MMA.

“I am a free agent, yes sir. I’m not sure how it works, what my contract says or anything, but yes I am a free agent now and I know that going to other leagues like Bellator or ONE FC or whatever it may be, that guys or friends of mine, for example Rory MacDonald, people that fought for the UFC like Machida, they’re making double if not triple what they were making fighting for the UFC.”

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