Injustice! MMA Fighter Given 8 Years In Prison For Defending Himself In Bar Fight

Matt Coakley, a talented mixed martial artist, was sentenced to eight years in prison back in 2014. The sentence was concerning a bar fight that reportedly only lasted 15 seconds.

The fighter’s mother revealed to ABC 11 that Coakley and fellow bar patron Denny Clark entered a verbal altercation at a local bar. The two individual later bumped into each other at the bar’s bathroom.

“Denny came out of the stall and walked the length of the bathroom and came at Matt and I guess they exchanged some words and Denny put his hands on Matt’s throat.” Coakley’s mother explained. Clark ultimately lost his eye due to the altercation, leading to Coakley receiving a massive prison sentence. The fighter’s mother believes Coakley’s MMA background may have affected the case’s outcome.

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