Jones’ Camp Refutes Recent Rumor, Claims Jones Never Sold Out Teammates To USADA

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones failed a drug test back at UFC 214. While it was not the former title holder’s first offense, USADA ultimately issued a suspension of 15 months to Jon Jones.

Retroactive to the date of the failed drug test, Jon Jones will once again be eligible to compete on Oct. 28, 2018. A following report claimed that Jon Jones’ sentence was reduced because the fighter disclosed information to USADA concerning other anti-doping policy violators.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Jon Jones’ manager Malki Kawa has since come forward to refute those claims.

“It’s not like Jon Jones is sitting around in a room watching guys do steroids and then turning around and saying, ‘Oh, wait a minute, I just got popped, I’m gonna go tell on my poor teammates that I know for a fact are sitting in a room doing it, because I just watched them do it.’ That’s not what happened. Jon goes to training, he trains and he leaves. There’s no hanging out in a room, there’s not going to a bathroom, there’s no shooting somebody up. He doesn’t do that.”

“There was none. But I keep saying that and everybody keeps running with it. Substantial assistance doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be on somebody else. It could have been on himself. People don’t understand. That whole line and all that, I don’t have a lot of clarity on it, I don’t understand it. They said to me, ‘Hey listen, this is how it’s gotta be worded.’ I said, ‘OK, cool.’ I kind of just let it be, because I’m thinking, OK, I don’t really get it, but maybe everybody else doesn’t either. I don’t know.”

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