Michael Bisping Reveals Old Beef With Conor McGregor That Ended In “Tirade Of Abuse”

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping no longer competes within the sport of mixed martial arts. That being said, the retired former title holder still enjoys offering his thoughts on the current landscape of mixed martial arts. This time around, “The Count” mas come forward to tell the story of the time he got on Conor McGregor’s bad side.

Speaking on his podcast, Michael Bisping revealed that he once publicly voiced his opinion that Eddie Alvarez would have beaten Conor McGregor ahead of UFC 205. Of course, “Notorious” went on to finish Eddie Alvarez for a historic title earning victory.

“We had a little back and forth, me and McGregor, a beef shall we say. It was kind of petty to get back at him, but on the Sirius XM radio show that we used to do I picked Eddie Alvarez to beat him. I said, oh yeah Eddie will kill him. I got some messages from Conor, direct messages like ‘Eddie will kill me? You know nothing, you fool.’

“He went on a tirade of abuse for a while and that was kind of the end of our relationship, some threats made and whatnot.”

Check out Bisping’s full thoughts within the video above.

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