Nicco Montano’s Embarrassing Fight Cancelling Weight Finally Revealed

Valentina Shevchenko nearly fought for the UFC women’s flyweight title on Saturday, Sept. 8. The fighter was set to face reigning champion Nicco Montano at UFC 228.

However, Montano was rushed to the hospital after suffering kidney issues during her weight cut one day before the fight. Consequently, the fight was cancelled and Montano was stripped of her title.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Valentina Shevchenko has since revealed that she believes Nicco Montano was a staggering 20 pounds overweight for the match up leading up to the weigh-ins.

“She had enough time to prepare for the fight. She was the only one who was responsible for the weight cut. She knows her body, how it reacts, and she has to be able to make it earlier, to start her weight cut. Not coming for the fight week 20 pounds over. It’s crazy, even for the boys — they’re cutting much more than girls — it’s crazy to come 20 pounds over for the fight week. You have to start your diet earlier and be professional. You have to be responsible about what you have in your hands. But this is total irresponsibility, total unprofessional things from her.”

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