Report: Conor McGregor To Return To Boxing After Khabib Fight

After two years away from the UFC, former two division champion Conor Mcgregor returns to action in less than three weeks against Khabib Nurmagomedov, to try and reclaim one of his two world titles.

But, something lost on many of McGregor’s critics, is that despite his two years outside of the Octagon, the Irishman did compete in one of the most successful sporting events of all-time just a year ago… So it’s not like he’s been sitting idle.

Now, it would seem as if Conor may be eyeing a return to boxing, and our friends at middleeasy just dropped that nugget on their Sunday report.

Here’s what they said:

Huge if true but there is already rumbling that if Conor McGregor wins at UFC 229 he may be ready to move on. Rumors are picking up steam that will Mac will go back to boxing again if he wins the UFC lightweight title.