Rory MacDonald Learns From GSP’s Mistakes, Won’t Be Following Footsteps

Rory MacDonald is one of GSP’s Tristar teammates. The two UFC veteran fighters both made a career for themselves in the UFC’s welterweight division, and are once again on similar paths, despite now fighting in different promotions.

After a lengthy stint of inactivity, GSP recently returned to the UFC, moving up in weight and challenging for the UFC’s middleweight title.

GSP won that fight, becoming one of few to hold two UFC world titles in two different weight-classes.

Now, GSP’s top teammate in Rory MacDonald is embarking on his own journey up to middleweight for a belt. For him though it’s under the Bellator banner against Gegard Mousasi.

In order to compete in the larger weight class, both GSP and Rory had plans to put on mass, only it’s Rory who learned from GSP on what not to do.

In a chat with Rory explained:

“I disagreed with his approach to it from the very beginning. I think he learned a lesson from it as well, so I think I have a good approach to it.”

But what is he doing ahead of his move up?

“Not much. I’ve been already doing something just by chance. I’ve been trying to get a little bigger and stronger. But nothing really. I’m trying to stay comfortable at my normal weight. Not really. I’m not trying to gorge myself and get too big. I want to be fast, agile and strong.”