Say What? Beefed Up Jon Jones And “Rumble” Johnson Get In Heated Staredown

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Anthony “Rumble” Johnson have seemingly both been putting on some mass since their last octagon performances. Now the two talented mixed martial artists have decided to do an impromptu staredown for all fight fans to see.

Anthony Johnson retired from the sport of MMA after his most recent shot at the UFC title ended in a tough defeat to rival Daniel Cormier. Ever since then, “Rumble” has been exploring other ventures while seriously bulking up in the gym.

Jon Jones, on the other hand, is currently sidelined from the octagon for failing yet another drug test. Having been flagged by USADA for an anti-doping policy violation from UFC 214, Jones is still awaiting the anti-doping agency’s verdict concerning the drug test failure.

In the meantime, “Bones” Jones has been hard in training and muscling up within the gym. Jones and Johnson recently crossed paths and decided to make the most of the situation.

Check out the heated staredown below.

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