Woodley Accepts Covington’s Challenge, Wants UFC 230 Headliner

In Saturday’s UFC 228 main event, Tyron Woodley made short work of his previously unbeaten title challenger.

Finishing Darren Till in the second round, Woodley sets up a grudge match with the brash and outspoken Colby Covington.

Covinton was stripped of his interim world title when Woodley vs. Till started, and he took to twitter with a challenge for the champion following the bout.

[email protected] Tyrone! You didn’t blow it!!! Time for you to come see me in @TheGarden. America’s Champ has another promise to keep. #ufc228 #thepeopleschamp #greatamericanwinningmachine

After these remarks, Woodley dropped a note on the potential of a UFC 230 main event in New York, stating, “If November is the date they’re looking for a main event, I think they got the guy.”

UFC 230 is set to be co-headlined by Nate Diaz vs. Dustin Poirier.