Bellator Champ Gegard Mousasi Opens Up On Serious Retirement Consideration

Gegard Mousasi is the reigning Bellator middleweight champion. That being said, the title holder is now considering calling an end to his fighting career within the near future.

Speaking on a recent edition of The MMA Hour, Gegard Mousasi offered his thoughts on the matter.

“People didn’t see what happened after [the Shlemenko] fight. I was in a hospital. I couldn’t move and I didn’t know if I lose my eye or not. People didn’t see those parts. I didn’t know [if I lost my eye] because the doctors were talking. My eye was shut. They didn’t know what was wrong with my eye. So for a long time I was in the dark. So we didn’t know. Thank god it was no serious injury to the eye. But yeah, I can’t fight like that. I want to make money but I want to end up healthy. I don’t want to be a retard after three [fights].

“Normally I don’t take any damage. But, like I said, if you fight 100 times, eventually you’re going to see a punch that you’re not going to see or it’s going to land in the wrong place. That’s what happened. [Shlemenko] got me in the first minute and s—t happens.”

“If I have wins like [at Bellator 206] and I don’t take damage and I’m just winning without any damage without any injury, of course I could go another three fights. But to be honest I’m looking to see how the next three fights will go and then to be honest, I’ll quit, yeah.”

“I really don’t care. My goal was never to be the best. I always wanted to make my money, and, of course, I always wanted to win my fight. Because if you keep winning, people got to say ‘yeah, he is the best middleweight.’ But to be honest I don’t care.”

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