Ben Askren And Dillon Danis Continue War Of Words With New Heated Exchange | UFC News

Former ONE welterweight champion and undefeated mixed martial arts phenom Ben Askren has officially been traded to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Since the former title holder’s move to the UFC, Askren has entered a trash-talking war with Bellator MMA’s own Dillon Danis.

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Dillon Danis is perhaps most famous for being the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor to mixed martial arts megastar Conor McGregor. However, the grappling ace has since begun a career in MMA and is now 1-0 under Bellator.

Taking to Twitter, Dillon Danis has since fired off a critical message to Ben Askren. It would appear that the Bellator fighter wants to meet Ben Askren inside the cage despite their differing promotions.

“Notice not one of these WW’s is saying my name right now. They think if they hide their heads in the sand some other poor lamb will be taken for slaughter.”

“i’ll put you on your back faster than a prostitute with a mortgage relax curls”

Well, now the two fighters are going at it over social media once again. Check it out below.

“Hey @ufc are you gonna make an announcement? You are like that guy with a GF who’s embarrassed to tell his buddies even when everyone knows! Ha ha ha you know you love me.”

“Dillon I know it went right over your head, but I know the only things you understand are acting tough and saying douchey things.”

“My personal favorite stupid thing you have said was that your average HS wrestling background would prepare Conor for @TeamKhabib !!! Lololol that worked out really well. Great job Dillon”

“And lastly shut up for a while, stop directly copying your Idols Schtick, you weren’t even the best at BJJ(@Garry_Tonon ‘s bitch) so maybe you could try to have some success at MMA.”

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