Chaos Erupts During Terence Crawford vs. José Benavidez Jr. Weigh Ins, Police Forced To Step In After Punches Are Thrown

WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford and José Benavidez Jr. are set to battle it out this weekend. That being said, the first punch for their rivalry has already been thrown.

The two boxing phenoms will battle it out inside the squared circle live on ESPN Oct. 13. Ahead of the match, the two competitors recently hit the stage for the weigh-ins.

Things became exceptionally heated on stage, as Benavidez Jr. shoved Crawford during their staredown. Crawford then retaliated with a wide swinging punch that appeared to just barely miss the pugilist. Local police were quick to leap into the fray and separate the two boxers.

Check out the chaos within the video provided below.

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