Daniel Cormier First From Team Khabib To Bury The Hatchet With McGregor

The rivalry between Team Khabib and Team McGregor is so real that it erupted into another brawl between the two camps, on Saturday night.

And with no signs of the beef halting, at least one Team Khabib member is willing to let the whole thing go.

Here’s D.C.’s statement:

After the dust settles I hope we can get to the great show we saw last night. The performances of these two fantastic martial artist. Congrats @khabib_nurmagomedov you are truly the most do@in any fighter the @Ufc has ever seen. You called your shot man. Congrats champ! What an incredible performance. And @thenotoriousmma fought well, bad matchup but he showed championship heart and skill after two years out of the game. Great job fellas! #weareaka #dagestan #champ #theeagle