Deontay Wilder ‘Breaks Jaw’ Of Mascot After Not Realizing That A Person Was Inside

Deontay Wilder is currently gearing up to take on Tyson Fury. The WBC heavyweight title will be on the line for the exciting bout on Dec. 1, live on pay-per-view via Showtime.

In promotion for the upcoming match, Wilder recently appeared on ESPN’s Nacion. During a segment on the show, Wilder was challenged to confront the show’s mascot.

Raw Daily has since reported that Deontay Wilder was unaware that a person was inside the mascot uniform. Wilder then punched the mascot with all his strength, sending the character to the floor reeling.

It has since been reported that the individual inside the mascot uniform allegedly broke their jaw during the segment. Check out the incident within the video provided above.

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