Former Champ Junior dos Santos Starts War Of Words With Upcoming Opponent | UFC News

Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is currently set to fight Tai Tuivasa in the main event of UFC Fight Night 142 on Dec. 2 from within the Adelaide Entertainment Center in Adelaide, Australia. Now the former title holder has entered a verbal confrontation with his upcoming opponent ahead of their match up.

UFC News

Speaking to Sporting News, dos Santos let his thoughts on Tai Tuivasa be known.

“He said he represents street fighting. I was watching the fight last night and saw that and was like, ‘What?! That’s not even a martial art.’ I thought I was fighting against a martial artist, but that’s not the case. I want to know more about this, and one day I’ll ask him. To represent street fighting … that’s just stupid. Who fights in the streets? It’s not even fair. That’s a coward.”

Later speaking to Sporting News, Tai Tuivasa retaliated with a statement of his own.

“I was giving him credit for being a great, but he can go (expletive) himself now. Just because of what Bruce Buffer said? As if I’m gonna say I’m a black belt or something. Calling someone a coward is a bit shallow from a steroid injecting little muppet like that.”

Now Tai Tuivasa has taken to social media with a series of trash-talking. Check it out below.

“When Junior Dos Steriods calls me a coward shut your bald ass head up I’m a show you these streets December 2nd @junior_cigano
#actinglikeyouneverhadastreetfight #lol #bambam #FTA #westernsydney #imfromthesestreets #esshaaaay #meetmeinthemiddle #thetakeover #itsmeagain #itspersonal #PHASE2”

“Awwww you cwwwwwyyyyiiiing that why you mad mad lol #sookybaby you shoulda stuck to being a nice guy #bambam #FTA #westernsydney #getthestrap #kefe”

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