Former JacksonWink Teammate Opens Up On ‘Petty Beef’ With Donald Cerrone

UFC welterweight Donald Cerrone is a mixed martial arts veteran out of Jackson-Wink MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That being said, the longtime fighting phenom recently decided to leave the training camp and move back to Denver, Colorado.

Speaking to FloCombat, Jackson-Wink’s Chris Brown has now come forward with a detailed story concerning a “beef” he had with “Cowboy” during the fighter’s time with the camp.

“You saw Cowboy’s fake-ass interview… just got on there and just starting lying from the very beginning. Just exaggerations and telling stories that are three years old because that’s how long he hasn’t really been a part of the team.”

“[He talked] about, ‘Oh, I don’t have training partners and people are doing this.’ He stopped training with me because of some stupid drama. I used to be his main training partner, like after the Rick Story fight he put out this statement that he wasn’t doing any more hard sparring and he was retiring from hard sparring.”

“So the last day we sparred, we went five rounds just me and him, straight five rounds. We went the first round and he’s like, ‘Let’s go again. Let’s go again.’ So we just kept going, and we went to war. After that, someone said that I was saying that I retired him.”

“So he just started acting funny with me, come in the gym just mugging me, wouldn’t talk to me. So when he finally started sparring again, I was like, ‘Hey, let’s get a round,’ and he’s like, ‘Nah.”

“One day he was at the gym when I was getting ready for my next fight and so I just went up to him like, ‘Hey, this shit’s stupid. I never said that. You’re one of the dudes I looked up to when I joined the team.’ He used to beat the hell out of me when I first got here. He’s one of the people that helped me reach the level that I’m at. It was just something super petty that we should’ve never been beefing over.”

“He went on the rant talking about [how] Coach Wink is a horrible person for the gym—we wouldn’t even have the gym if it wasn’t for Coach Wink, you know what I mean? We wouldn’t even have the gym anymore. So that’s just him being hatefu.

“[He’s] trying to say Michelle built her own gym to get away from us. She built her home gym so she can train at home because she has a daughter and her husband helps her at home. But she’s in the gym every day. Even when he made that statement, Wink was like, ‘Yeah, I’ve seen Michelle three times today.’ Yeah, because she’s always in there working with us. I know she’s always on my social media. I’m
always on hers, because she’s always in there grinding.”

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