“Heavyweights suck”

Bellator’s Chael Sonnen is now gearing up to face Fedor Emelianenko in the heavyweight tournament grand prix semi-finals on Saturday, Oct. 13. The fight will go down as the headliner for Bellator 209.

That being said, Chael Sonnen does not have many positive things to say about the heavyweight division. Speaking in a recent interview, as seen below, Sonnen let his thoughts be known.

“I think it discredits all the heavyweights completely. The best thing to do with heavyweights is to keep them the hell from any other weight class. They’re the worst athletes in the room. They’re the slowest guys in the room. They’re the laziest guys in the room – which is why they weigh so goddamn much.

“If you want to keep the mystique going on to the public that size matters and that the big guys are better, just because they’re bigger, if you want to keep that false narrative out there, keep us real athletes away from the heavyweights. I think (the grand prix) was a risky move. They tried it on the other side of the tracks, and a light heavyweight now has that strap, too. Heavyweights suck, Mitrione is right.”

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