“I’ve fought guys on steroids throughout my career” | UFC News

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is now nearing the end of his suspension. Speaking in a recent interview, the former title holder has now come forward to discuss his history of allegedly fighting performance enhancing drug abusers.

UFC News

Jon Jones failed a drug test back at UFC 200, having been dealt a year-long suspension. The former champion went on to fail a drug test at UFC 214, leading to a 15-month suspension. Jones will now once again be eligible to compete on Oct. 28, 2018.

Speaking on the JW Raw podcast, Jon Jones has since come forward to discuss his recent drug test failure. Speaking on PED users, Jones revealed that he believes he has been faced with PED users his entire career.

“I’m pretty sure that I’ve fought guys on steroids throughout my career. I’m not going to call anybody out, but some guys were glaringly on steroids while I fought them and they still lost.”

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