Jon Jones Opens Up On Latest USADA Verdict, Has A Message For All His Haters | UFC News

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been suspended for failed drug tests twice now. Speaking on his latest USADA hearing, the former title holder has now come forward with a message.

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Jon Jones failed a drug test back at UFC 200, ultimately suffering a year-long suspension for banned metabolites determined to be from make enhancement pills. The former champion then failed a drug test in-competition for UFC 214.

This time around, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) issued Jones a 15-month suspension for having had tested positive for yet another steroid metabolite. Jones will once again be eligible to compete on Oct. 28, 2018.

Speaking on the JW RAW podcast, Jon Jones has now come forward with a message for those that question the fighter’s MMA career accomplishments following his failed drug tests.

“I would say that those would be people that are looking for an excuse not to give it to me, not to give credit where it’s due.”

Jon Jones then went into detail explaining that he was informed by USADA that for both of his previously failed drug tests that he had such a small dosage of PEDs found in his system that the substances could not have been harmful or beneficial to his performances.

“To answer your question, for anybody who’s saying ‘Well, he must have been cheating,’ it’s like… okay. After what I just said, if you still want to call me a cheater, then you just don’t want to admit that I’m pretty good.”

Check out Jon Jones’ full thoughts within the video provided above.

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