Khabib’s Camp Wants Nurmagomedov To Be Paid Five Times More Than Conor For Potential Rematch

Undefeated UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov walked into the octagon for UFC 229 with an expected purse of $2 million. That being said, Conor McGregor walked across the canvas expecting to earn upwards of $50 million from the fight.

Still, Nurmagomedov put on a dominant performance over his opponent. In the end, the Dagestan native earned a submission victory within the fourth round.

Speaking to Russian media, Nurmagomedov’s father revealed that he wants the UFC champion to demand five times the pay Conor McGregor would receive for a potential rematch.

Check out a translation of the individual’s statement down below.

“My opinion is that they didn’t pay Khabib enough before. Conor was paid three times more.

“Now, we want to be paid five times more than Conor. We dominated, chocked him out, made him give up. That’s for one.”

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