Luke Rockhold Roasts USADA Following Jon Jones’ Hearing

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones failed his second drug test back at UFC 214. Despite it not being his first offense, the former title holder was dealt a surprisingly short 15-month suspension from the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

Speaking to MMA Junkie, former UFC middleweight title holder Luke Rockhold has since come forward with his thoughts on USADA’s hearing.

“It’s a bit early. It’s a bit early. This USADA thing is getting kind of interesting.

“I’ve been dealing with them a little bit this week. I know DC’s been dealing with them a little this week. They should choose to attack the right people.”

“When you get down to real business, these guys should be suspended for a long time. People are learning how to cheat the system. USADA’s got to step their game up and be what they were in the beginning.

“In the beginning, it seemed like they were doing their job. Now it seems like they’re owned. It’s sad to see, but hopefully it can correct itself, and we can get on the right path.”

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