Oscar De La Hoya Roasts “lowlife” Floyd Mayweather In New Rant

Former boxing champions Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. do not exactly get along. Being former opponents, there is perhaps some bad blood left between the two talented pugilists. Now De La Hoya has come forward with a new heated statement for “Money” Mayweather.

Golden Boy Promotion’s Canelo Alvarez just landed the largest fight contract in sports history, worth a staggering $365 million. Oscar De La Hoya recently met up with TMZ Sports to discus the matter, when the former title holding boxer decided to take a few verbal jabs at Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Of course, the verbal assault was not entirely unwarranted. Floyd Mayweather Jr. recently dredged up a controversial photo from De La Hoya’s past in an attempt to rile up the former boxer.

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