Report: Conor McGregor Wants Khabib Rematch To Take Place On Irish Soil

According to the Irish Media, Conor McGregor’s request for an immediate rematch against Khabib, also includes a proposed venue.

The media outlet also reports that the City of Dublin is behind the idea as well, and ready to approve plans for the nation’s biggest star to return home.

The Irish Sun reports:

The Irish Sun has learned that the MMA star — who pocketed €50million from his Las Vegas comeback against Khabib Nurmagomedov — has advisors already plotting an Irish return.

And the Notorious, who was backed by rapper Drake before stepping into the Octagon, won’t run into any obstacles from Dublin City Council.

The last time the Dubliner fought in Ireland was at a UFC show in the 3Arena, where the crowd broke the venue’s decibel level record.

And a spokesperson for the 3Arena this week told us: “We would welcome the UFC and Conor McGregor back any time.”

A timezone clash for pay-per-view buyers in the States is the main obstacle stopping the UFC bringing their No1 superstar back to his homeland.

Thousands of fight fans will stay up into the early hours to watch Conor prove once again that he is the fight firm’s biggest draw when it comes to selling pay per views.

But it would put a major dent in their sales if McGregor fought at 10pm Irish time as it would be too early in the day in the US.

However, UFC boss Dana White side-stepped this problem in the UK when their champion Michael Bisping fought in Manchester in the middle of the night.

The middleweight champ took to the ring at around 5am, with the undercard kicking off at the 20,000-seater Manchester Arena at 11pm.

The bizarrely-timed event allowed the fight to screen at the usual PPV times in the States while UK fans also got the chance to see their MMA champion compete live.

It is understood that option is now being examined for Dublin. A 3Arena spokesman refused to be drawn on the possibilty an overnight event in Dublin.

But a Dublin City Council spokesperson told the Irish Sun that no special licence would be required for an indoor event.

A spokesperson said: “No licence is required for an indoor event from Dublin City Council.

“The venue would, however, be bound by any conditions associated with planning permissions attached to the venue.”