Shirtless Nate Diaz Is Looking More Shredded Than Ever Before

UFC superstar Nate Diaz has cultivated a storied career within the sport of mixed martial arts. Through the years, the Stockton native has faced off against some of the toughest and most talented opponents around.

While Dustin Poirier recently pulled out of his match up against the mixed martial arts phenom for UFC 230, Nate Diaz is still seemingly hard in training. The fighter’s friend Travis Mclaughlin has since taken to social media to show off some stunning photos of himself and the Stockton native showing off their physiques.

Check out Nate Diaz’s shredded form within the photos below. Make sure to swipe to see all of the pictures.

“Glad to have this dude in my corner since day one. We’ve been tightening the diet up, An been hitting light weights. Nates An amazing athlete an it’s been a privilege to work with him An train with him,For the last decade.”

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