Tear Jerker Alert — Matt Hughes’ Latest Interview Is So Sad, But He’s Not Giving Up

Matt Hughes is a legend within the sport of mixed martial arts. A former champion within the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Hughes is now a proud member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Hughes has faced off against some of the toughest and most talented fighters inside the octagon over the years. That being said, the former champion’s toughest challenge has been outside of the cage.

Back in 2017, Matt Hughes was involved in a devastating accident. The fighter’s truck was hit by a train, leaving the former fighter unconscious and badly injured. Hughes was airlifted to a nearby hospital and remained in a coma for some time.

The UFC legend has since, however, returned to consciousness and has begun his long journey to recovery. Check out a touching moment from Matt Hughes’ most interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani within the video provided above.

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