Two Men Arrested After UFC Fighter And Girlfriend Struck By Car | UFC News

UFC flyweight Raulian Paiva and his significant other Tielly Alves were recently involved in a serious accident. Now two individuals have been brought into custody concerning the incident.

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As reported by MMA Fighting, Paiva and Alves were both struck by a car while riding a motorcycle in Santana, Brazil on Sunday, Oct. 21. Paiva is reported to have only suffered minor injuries. However, the fighter’s girlfriend remains in a coma following the incident.

The two individuals were reportedly at a nightclub on Saturday night and decided to leave the establishment after two men allegedly began harassing Alves. Paiva’s manager Tiago Okamura claims that the couple left the nightclub on a motorcycle and were followed by two men within a car.

After stopping at a redlight, Paiva’s motorcycle was struck from behind by the car.

“When the car hit them, looks like Raulian fell off the motorcycle so he just got injured from the fall, but the car dragged the motorcycle with her on it for some time.” Okamura explained. “He’s a bit hurt, but nothing serious. She’s still in coma.”

“That was uncalled for, they had no motives. These guys tried to kill them for no reason.”

As reported by MMA Fighting, the alleged driver, who is still unidentified, claims that his front seat passenger took control of the steering wheel and veered the vehicle towards the motorcycle. The vehicle ultimately struck the motorcycle, dragging the bike for some time. The car ultimately caught on fire due to the incident.

Paiva’s coach has since come forward to claim that two men have been arrested by local authorities within connection to the incident.

Footage from the incident may be seen above, while photos of the vehicle involved may be viewed below. Photos of the incident have been provided by

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