UFC Fighter Sent To ER Following Hit-And-Run Incident | UFC News

UFC lightweight Vinc Pichel suffered a painful incident over the weekend. Now the talented mixed martial artist has come forward to offer details concerning the experience.

UFC News

Vinc Pichel was the victim of a hit-and-run incident over the weekend. The fighter claims his motorcycle was struck by a vehicle. Taking to Instagram, Pichel has now come forward with photos and footage of the damage he and his motorcycle sustained from the incident. Pichel went to the emergency room following the incident, but has since been released.

“So I was involved in a hit and run accident last Sunday on my harley and spent most of the day in the ER. I don’t know exactly what happened I just know I was clipped from the back and thrown off of my bike Several feet without any time to react. My back is fully road rashed along with my knees, forearms and I have stitches in my left elbow and I can barely move but other then that I’m ok”

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