UFC’s Anthony Smith Roasts Jon Jones Over “absolute bullsh*t” USADA Hearing | UFC News

UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith is currently gearing up to take on Volkan Oezdemir in the main event of UFC Fight Night 138 on Saturday, Oct. 27. Now the fighter has come forward with some harsh words for the division’s former champion.

UFC News

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones failed his second drug test back at UFC 214. Despite it being his second offense, the former title holder was only dealt a 15-month suspension from the sport.

Jones will be eligible to compete once again on Oct. 28, 2018. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Anthony Smith revealed his thoughts on the USADA hearing.

“I think it’s absolute bullshit. But what do you do about it? What do we do about it? Nothing. The competitor in me is happy that he’s back, because I 100 percent mean this and I feel it in my soul: I can beat Jon Jones. I have the ability, I have the skill, and I’m probably the only legitimate threat to him right now. And I mean that. That’s not just a sound bite — I 100 percent believe that I can beat Jon Jones. With him getting a long suspension, that kinda looks a little bit different and there’s always going to be those questions. Say I beat Volkan and then I get a title shot against Alexander Gustafsson and I beat him, you’re always going to get the Jon Jones question. I don’t want any questions.

“I want to be the best in the world and I want everybody to know it. I don’t want the, ‘Well, Jon Jones is suspended, so…’ I don’t want that shit. But the sportsman in me thinks that it’s bullshit. It’s three failed tests and he’s still eligible — how does that happen? I mean, I can break it down that simple, how does that happen?”

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