Another UFC Flyweight Voices Concerns For Division’s Future | UFC News

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has officially traded former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson to ONE Championship. Ever since the trade, rumors that the UFC is considering removing the entire flyweight division have been rising.

UFC News

Reigning UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejudo has already voiced his concerns on the matter. Speaking to MMA Junkie, flyweight Jose Torres has come forward to discuss that he believes the division may be in trouble.

“The UFC flyweight division, honestly, hasn’t been very notable, and (Johnson) was the best thing we had to offer. When we look at the bigger picture here, we had the best pound-for-pound champion in the UFC’s history, and even then Dana White wanted to close – or at least threatened to close – the division. What’s it mean for us now that he’s gone?

“What do we, as flyweights, have to offer? Honestly, again, I believe we are one of the most talented divisions out there. We might not have heavyweight knockout power, but we have the speed, the technique and everything else to make up for it. Again, we do have exciting fights, but sadly, we’re not as well-promoted as the lightweights, the welterweights, the light heavies and heavyweights, so what does that mean for us small guys?”

“From my personal perspective, I think (Cejudo) should at least defend the belt once, show that you’re not just a champion but a dominant one at that, and then move up to the next level and see if that’s the right thing for you,” Cejudo said. “With a new champion that doesn’t even want to defend the belt and honestly with the fans not knowing any other flyweight besides Demetrious Johnson and Henry Cejudo and maybe Sergio Pettis, honestly, it doesn’t look good for us.

“Now again, this is all under speculation, all opinion-based rumors from what I’ve heard. Nothing has been confirmed. … This is just me looking at the bigger picture from a business standpoint. Again, I’m a flyweight fighter. I believe i’m entertaining. I believe I can put on a show and really show the fans that we are exciting fighters, but from a business standpoint, when’s the last time you saw a flyweight main event?”

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