‘Derek Brunson needs to repent for his transgressions’ | UFC News

UFC middleweights Israel Adesanya and Derek Brunson are not on the best of terms. Now the two talented fighters are set to fight at UFC 230 on Saturday.

UFC News

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Israel Adesanya has now come forward to offer a few words on is opponent.

“I want to whoop [Brunson] first. I know once I beat someone like Weidman, there’s no going back. So I wanted to get this guy out of the way first. He needs to pay for his words. He needs to repent for his transgressions. So I really want to get this guy first and get him out of the way.

“But I told Chris – I saw him in New Jersey when we sat two seats away from each other – and I told him that eventually I’d see him.”

“It’s cold out in these streets. I was walking around New York, in Times Square, and I’m imagining ‘man, if you’re a bum in these streets, if you’re homeless, it’s got to be a struggle. So I feel bad for a guy like that who’s just struggling. Just a guys who’s been around this game for so long and he hasn’t even – I don’t even think he’s headlined an event. He’s never been in the spot I’m in and I’ve only had three fight in the company.

“But bad bad blood isn’t bad blood. It’s just another guy. Same sh*t, different night just like my last few opponents. They talk the same game and say the same sh*t and eventually, when they’re in there, they say ‘oh sh*t. I f*ked up.”

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