In New First, Entire MMA Event Cancelled Following Series Of Serious Injuries

Mixed martial arts promotion Final Fight Championship was initially set to hold an event tonight. However, the fight card was cancelled last minute following a series of fighter injuries.

FFC 34 was expected to be delivered for fight fans on Nov. 9. MD of Athlete Advantage Medical in Las Vegas, NV, Nick Sadeghi has since come forward with a statement to Final Fight Championship concerning the last minute cancellation of the event. Multiple fighters for the night’s card were determined to be suffering from small brain aneurysms.

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission requires a series of medical examinations to be completed by a professional fighter in order to determine the medical condition of a fighter, the outcome of those exams determining if the fighter will be cleared to compete or not. Of utmost concern is the fighter’s physical well being. It was determined by independent physicians conducting the exams for FFC as well as the Nevada State Athletic Commission that several fighters scheduled to compete on the November 9th fight card would not be able to compete due to abnormal MRA findings which identified small aneurysms in the brain.

“For obvious reasons, these fighters could not be cleared to compete without proper medical workup. This includes consulting with a Neurosurgeon and an Interventional Radiologist. Some fighters may be cleared after this, but some may need a surgical procedure to correct the aneurysm before he or she can continue to fight in the future.”

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