Stripped? UFC Website No Longer Showing Daniel Cormier As Light Heavyweight Champion | UFC News

Two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier is currently set to defend his heavyweight title from Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 on Nov. 3. Meanwhile, Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson are now set to fight in the main event of UFC 232 on Dec. 29.

UFC News

Despite D.C. also being the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion, Jones vs. Gustafsson has been billed as a fight for the light heavyweight title. The UFC has since revealed that Cormier is to be stripped of his belt as soon as the UFC 232 headliner begins, so that Gustafsson and Jones can fight for a vacant title.

Well, the UFC has already cleared Daniel Cormier from the UFC light heavyweight champion position via this section of the promotion’s official website. While it is far from official that Daniel Cormier has been stripped, it would appear that the UFC is already preparing for the possible incident.

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