Hakeem Dawodu Overcomes Early Adversity And Scores A Stunning KO! | UFC Results

The highly anticipated UFC 240 is just around the corner and MMAIMPORTS is more than ready to deliver you live UFC Results from both preliminary and main cards! The event will be held this Saturday on July 27 in Edmonton, Alberta. Stay with us as we are bringing you the live action from the fully stacked Rogers Place Arena!

The former professional kickboxer (12-0-0) and a Muay Thai specialist, Hakeem Dawodu is more than excited to make his third UFC octagon appearance. He will be more than happy to welcome Yoshinori Horie in his UFC octagon debut as “The Rising Star” will attempt to transfer its dominance from Pancrase to UFC. 

Check out our live play-by-play coverage below:

Rd 1 – Dawodu stays flat-footed as Horie starts bouncing on the outside. Dawodu keeps his composure and he lands a nice inside leg kick. Horie returns the kick, he is missing a lot with the overhand right. Both fighters are landing hard leg kicks early. Horie is exploding from the outside as Dawodu tries to set up the timing on the counters. Big straight right-hand cracks Dawodu! He felt that one for sure! Horie steps with another overhand and lands! Dawodu has a hard time reading combinations and cutting the movement of Horie. Stiff jab lands for Dawodu. Horie cracks Dawodu with the left hand! Dawodu is looking lost standing.  Horie dives for a takedown, Dawodu stuffs and connects with a nice right hook. Horie steps in the last seconds but eats a two punch combo from Dawodu.

Rd 2 – Dawodu continues with the pressure. Horie steps in and lands a nice right over the top. Horie is constantly moving, Dawodu is already looking frustrated. Dawodu explodes with the right but fails to find the target. Both fighters are hesitating. Horie is wasting a lot of energy on his movement. Dawodu cuts the movement and connects with a couple of hard punches and elbows! Great work by Dawodu. He scores with a couple of front kicks and finishes with a hard right hand! It looks like Horie is slowing down. Nice left hook and right hand over the top lands for Dawodu! He is slowly finding his rhythm. Big kick to the body lands for Dawodu! He is dominating the fight.

Rd 3 – Dawodu continues to advance. He is looking confident. Horie fires a nice right and connects. Dawodu is taking his time and waiting for the perfect opportunity. He is constantly landing hard kicks to the body. Horie initiates the clinch but eats more knees. However, Horie wakes up and connects with a nice two punch combo. Dawodu explodes with more knees to the body and follows with the punches against the cage! Big knee to the head lands for Dawodu! Horie is in trouble! Dawodu is all over Horie! Horie fires back and shows his big heart! Dawodu spots the danger and initiates the clinch. He starts landing hard knees and elbows! His Muay Thai is perfect in this round! Big head kick drops Horie!!! The referee immediately stops the fight!!!