The Champ Is Back! Max Holloway Beats Frankie Edgar To Retain Featherweight Title At UFC 240 | UFC Results

The highly anticipated UFC 240 is just around the corner and MMAIMPORTS is more than ready to deliver you live UFC Results from both preliminary and main cards! The event will be held this Saturday on July 27 in Edmonton, Alberta. Stay with us as we are bringing you the live action from the fully stacked Rogers Place Arena!

In the main event of the evening, Max Holloway (20-4-0) will put his title on the line against the former UFC Lightweight Champion and future Hall of Famer, Frankie Edgar (23-6-1). After Dustin Poirier crashed his Lightweight title dreams, Max Holloway is in good spirits once again and ready to continue his Featherweight dominance. On the other side of the Octagon, Frankie Edgar possibly enjoys the last chance to crown himself with another title.

Check out our live play-by-play coverage below:

Rd 1 – Both fighters are measuring their distance. They are in the process of feeling each other. Edgar opens up with a couple of kicks. Holloway stays patient as Edgar connects with a left hand. Holloway sticks with the jab, he is still looking for his timing on the counter punches. Edgar shoots for a takedown but eats a hard uppercut coming in. Edgar is a more active fighter, he is constantly firing punches and kicks but Holloway is covering well. Nice right-hand lands for Edgar! Holloway returns. Holloway starts attacking with the body-head combinations; he is slowly picking up his pace. Edgar is mixing his leg kicks with the punches over the top well. However, Holloway connects with another hard uppercut! Edgar takes the shot well and continues to move.

Rd 2 – Holloway is looking to establish the jab. Edgar keeps his volume but eats a good right over the top. He catches Edgar with the clean right but Edgar keeps coming. Edgar is throwing a lot of faints. He shoots for a takedown, easily defended by Holloway who continues to tag Edgar from the distance. Edgar is constantly changing his angles in order to close the distance. Stiff left hand lands for Holloway. Both fighters are picking their shots without taking many risks. Edgar charges forward but Holloway steps to the right and fires a piston right hand! Holloway is looking more confident in this round. Edgar has a lot of success with the leg kicks. Holloway is always catching Edgar at the ending of the exchanges. Big spinning back kick lands for Holloway at the end of the round!

Rd 3 – Edgar shoots for a single leg but Holloway shows his excellent takedown defense. Good right hand lands for Edgar! Holloway responds with a nice double jab. They both exchange body shots as Edgar follows with the right over the top. Edgar clinches for a moment and eats a hard knee to the body. He is constantly firing punches but fails to land anything significant. Holloway continues to walk Edgar down as Edgar dives for another single leg. However, Holloway cracks him with another right over the top. Holloway starts exploding with the punches! Big knee lands for Holloway! Edgar is hurt! He shoots for a takedown and finally gets it. Holloway is doing a good job defensively and he manages to get back to his feet.

Rd 4 – Holloway continues marching forward. Edgar grabs the single leg but fails to secure the takedown. Hard right hand lands for Edgar! His boxing is on point in this fight. Another right lands for Edgar. Holloway has a hard time reading combinations. Edgar grabs the single once again and pushes for a clinch against the cage. Holloway gets off the fence quickly and lands a nice right hand. Edgar is throwing more volume in this round. Big kick to the body lands for Edgar! Holloway answers with the head kick, just misses! Both fighters exchange jabs. Edgar is clearly more accurate in this round. He is outboxing Holloway. However, Holloway explodes and lands a couple of hard shots! Edgar shakes them off and pushes for a clinch against the cage. He is looking for another late takedown.

Rd 5 – Edgar continues to move and throwing volume. He is attacking the lead leg of Holloway. Edgar dives for a takedown but Holloway defends once again. Stiff jab lands for Holloway and he follows with another right over the top. Edgar is constantly out of range with the punches. Holloway continues to score from his range. Edgar desperately dives for another takedown but Holloway defends once again. Edgar is all busted up as he eats another stiff jab. Holloway is on fire in this round! He misses with the spinning back fists and Edgar immediately shoots for a takedown but fails to get it.