Tsarukyan Silences Hometown Crowd; Earns Unanimous Decision Win Over Aubin-Mercier

The highly anticipated UFC 240 is just around the corner and MMAIMPORTS is more than ready to deliver you live UFC Results from both preliminary and main cards! The event will be held this Saturday on July 27 in Edmonton, Alberta. Stay with us as we are bringing you the live action from the fully stacked Rogers Place Arena!

After dropping two unanimous decisions to Alexander Hernandez and Gilbert Burns, Olivier Aubin-Mercier can’t allow himself yet another loss. Canadian submission artist will have more than a difficult challenge in Arman Tsarukyan, who is one of the most talented Russian prospects. Tsarukyan showed his great potential against Islam Makhachev and although he lost the fight, impressions were very positive.

Check out our live play-by-play coverage below:

Rd 1 – Mercier takes the center, forcing Tsarukyan outside. A big inside leg kick lands for Mercier! Tsarukyan responds with a couple of punches and finishes with the level change for a single leg. Mercier defends and resets in the center. Tsarukyan catches the kick but fails to capitalize with the takedown. He is still working for a single leg. Mercier escapes to the center. Tsarukyan is controlling the fight. However, Mercier connects with a big knee! Tsarukyan times the next one and drags Mercier down to the canvas. He is looking to take the back but Mercier stays calm. Tsarukyan is relentless, Mercier has no answer. Tsarukyan is controlling him against the cage for almost two minutes.   

Rd 2 – Mercie comes out aggressive and immediately lands a hard kick to the body! Tsarukyan starts going high with the kicks, getting more closer every time. He times the next kick and catches the single leg. However, Mercier stuffs the takedown and pushes Tsarukyan against the cage. Both fighters are showing great wrestling skills. They are back in the center. Both fighters are firing kicks from all angles. Mercier lands a huge knee to the head! Tsarukyan is in trouble! He takes the single leg but Mercier escapes! Both fighters are patient. Tsarukyan shoots for another single leg takedown but Mercier defends. Mercier separates and pushes forward but eats a stiff right counter. Big uppercut lands for Tsarukyan! He is mixing his boxing well. Mercier is constantly attacking the body with all sorts of weapons.

Rd 3 – Tsarukyan immediately explodes and lands a couple of hard right hands! He follows with a level change for a single leg but fails to score a takedown. Mercier fires back with the quick one-two. Tsarukyan is constantly pressing forward. Mercier initiates the clinch against the fence. However, Tsarukyan trips Mercier and takes the guard position. Mercier is working for his way up as Tsarukyan stays heavy. Mercier starts landing nice elbows from the bottom position and Tsarukyan returns.  He is looking to pass the guard and takes the full mount position. Mercier shoots for the arm triangle! Tsarukyan sees it coming and defense, he is showing great top control. Mercier has a hard time finding a way back to his feet.

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