Lauren Murphy Survives An Early Storm And Scores A Stunning KO! | UFC Results

The city of New Jersey will be a world fighting epicenter once again as the UFC makes its return to the Prudential Center for the eight-time and first since UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Bader back in 2016. The event will be held this Saturday, August 3, and MMAIMPORTS is more than ready to deliver you live UFC results from both preliminary and main cards!

The former 2014 IBJJF gold medalist and Invicta FC bantamweight champion, Lauren Murphy (10-4-0) is back after almost a year layoff. She is taking on the experienced striker Mara Romero Borella (12-5-0-2). The careers of both fighters are going back and forth for a long time, and they desperately need a win this Saturday.

Check out our live play-by-play coverage below:

Rd 1 – Both fighters are feeling each other and measuring their range. Borella pulls the trigger with the leg kick but eats a right counter. Murphy is constantly missing with her shots; Borella is destroying her lead leg early. She follows with a nice right and lands. Murphy wakes up and connects with a nice right. Both fighters are showing great footwork. Murphy finds her distance with the punches but continues to eat hard leg kicks. Borella lands a right but eats a nasty left counter! Murphy is leading the dance in the second part of the round. She cuts the movement and scores with another right hand! She is reading the movement of Borella well! Borella is looking much faster during the close-range exchanges. Murphy initiates the clinch but Borella separates shortly after.

Rd 2 – Murphy comes out aggressive and immediately establishes the jab. Both fighters are patient and waiting for a counter. Murphy takes the initiates and lands a couple of nice right hands. Borella has a hard time connecting with the punches. However, Murphy steps in and eats a hard counter right! Borella feels confident but Murphy catches her with another right. Borella times the entry on the double leg and scores a beautiful takedown! Murphy scrambles and manages to stand but finds her in the guillotine choke! Murphy is defending well as Borella stays committed. Murphy pops her head out and continues to grind against the fence. Borella has a hard time separating as Murphy tries to drag her away and score a late takedown.

Rd 3 – They meet in the middle and start throwing a lot of faints. Borella opens the round with the quick one-two. Murphy is looking for a dirty-brawl fight, she is not comfortable standing at the distance. Borella steps in but eats a nasty uppercut! Borella is hurt, she is on the retreat! Borella shoots for a takedown but eats a nasty knee!!! Borella is knocked out!!!