Uriah Hall Gets The Job Done! Wins The Close Split Decision Against Antonio Calors Junior at UFC Fight Night 158 | UFC Results

The UFC fighting circus is back in Canada! UFC Fight Night 158 (ESPN+ 16) will take place on September 14, 2019, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Join us as we are bringing you the live UFC results from the sold-out Rogers Arena, set for the fans favorite clash between Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje!

Once a promising Middleweight prospect, Uriah Hall (14-9-0) is making his return to the big screens this Saturday after almost 10 months layoff. A decorated kickboxer will take on a phenomenal Jiu-Jitsu specialist, Antonio Carlos Junior (10-3-0-1), who is looking to quickly bounce off his last loss against Ian Heinisch.

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Both fighters are measuring their range. Hall lands nasty rights cross as Carlos pushes for a takedown against the cage. He takes the body lock and manages to drag Hall to the mat and take his back! Hall is defending well. Carlos is comfortable riding on the back for over a minute. This is exhausting for Hall. He finally separates and starts throwing big shots! He is landing stiff jabs. Carlos has a hard time defending the punches. Hall is using his excellent footwork to escape the dangers and traps. He is picking Carlos apart with his jab. However, Carlos fires a hard overhand right and lands! He follows with the double leg takedown and takes the half guard. Nice elbow lands for Carlos.

Rd 2 – Hall immediately lands a couple of stiff jabs. Carlos responds with the takedown attempt, stuffed by Hall. Carlos establishes the forward pressure but eats a couple of hard jabs. He finally closes the distance and attacks the single leg. Hall is defending well but Carlos stays committed. Hall escapes the clinch and quickly drops Carlos with the one-two! He pushes for a finish with more punches! Carlos is in trouble! He backs off and Carlos immediately shoots for a single once again. He fails to get it but continues to put strong pressure on Hall against the cage. Hall takes a couple of deep breaths and finally separates.

Rd 3 – Hall immediately establishes the jab and just misses with the wheel kick! Carlos presses forward and secures the takedown. He immediately takes the back and starts working for submissions. Hall is in a bad spot. He is already breathing heavily and controlling the wrists. Carlos is constantly working for a submission. However, Hall is displaying good defense. The referee warns the fighters to work. Carlos has a very dominant position but fails to offer any significant offense. He starts cranking the neck but Hall is out of danger. Hall is trying everything to reverses but fails to do so.